B&H Publishing Group


New Release Catalog

Every quarter, B&H Publishing Group would design a new release catalog with our forthcoming products. Mainly used as a tool for the sales department, I designed a full spread of each product. One page would be a templated tip sheet with all the specifications and descriptions. The other page would be designed as an image-heavy, brand-focused page that visually told the story of the product. Each catalog was divided into new release products for leaders, women, children, and bibles.


Social Marketing

For our new release products, I created sharable graphics that could be used on facebook, instagram, and pinterest. Each was designed with a quote from the book and looked similar to the cover or brand of the product. I also created interfaces for B&H's facebook page when we promoted a product specific contest or giveaway. 


Environmental Design

Every year, B&H Publishing Group went to dozens of trade shows and conferences. I designed pieces including booths, banners, and signage that marketing could use to promote our products.